I am looking forward to this weekend.

I am attending a workshop at Yoga East in Portsmouth, NH (I love the seacoast and the Yoga East community) with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini.  I’ve been wanting to do this workshop for the past 2 years but the stars did not align.  This year it’s on!

Here is the rub, my body is “tore up from the floor up”!  I’ve got a wrist thing going, my right sacroilliac joint is on fire due to holding a 21lb baby on my left side (it’s rotated and maybe slipped according to my PT cousin), and my right ankle is barking again.  Basically my entire right side is not optimal.  I find it interesting though, because this is not the first time I’ve shown up to practice with big teachers with body stuff (I went to India with a bad back and studied with Tim Miller recovering from an ankle sprain).

As a long-time student and from working through injuries before, I know there is opportunity here -a  chance to dig in, reclaim, and focus on other parts of the practice. The biggest growth in my practice has come out of these moments.

 “We have to do the best with what we got!” And some days we show up with crumbs.

Interestingly enough, what I am dealing with in body aren’t really injuries, but rather pains from bad body patterns/habits of day-to-day life as well as some mental rubbish.   It’s been a rough week in mind and body for me.  I think it’s fair to say – whatever is going on in the mind will present itself in the body.

There was a moment (a fleeting moment) that I was ‘bummed’ because my body is not optimal for the awesome weekend ahead.  This voice, the “poor me” voice I am familiar with, and I’ve learned to push her off.  You have this “poor me” voice?  Yeah, well I really learned how to manage her during my pregnancy…because here is the reality – your mind and body are always going to present things.

We have a choice in how we choose to respond.  Yes…we do.  So here is my choice.

I am looking forward to working on other parts of the practice knowing my limitations.   This is exactly what yoga does…it reveals what’s really going on – the places that are longer, shorter, tighter, uncomfortable…it is designed specifically to be a mirror to what is going on inside and out.  I cannot think of a better way tap into about the power of awareness, and the structure of the body and it’s limitations at any given point, than from looking in the mirror,  embracing all of it, and taking action to create change.

Count on a blog post, post workshop…I am interested to see how I feel after the weekend.


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