My yogic roots are Ashtanga based.  This is where my practice began and this is where it continues.  I’ve experimented with other modalities when I’ve hit mental walls with the Ashtanga practice, but I always have arrived back to what has been grounded in sage wisdom and a science that works the body and mind in ways that no other system does.

I teach Ashtanga and Vinyasa rooted in this tradition.  The classes move at a steady pace to allow students to move deeply and mindfully in their bodies.  Holding poses for extended periods builds muscle and allows for awareness of the subtle nuances of the mind and body. Interlacing classical teachings, alignment, research, and modifications, I  create a class accessible to athletes, newcomers, and veteran practitioners.

My journey began in 1998, where I would begin practicing Ashtanga at a gym and found myself just showing up to do the work.  This path led me to  senior teacher Tim Miller, where I would learn the underpinnings of the 8 limb practice and the import of learning to cater a practice to an individual and apply research in a class or personal setting.   In 2009 I  traveled to India immerse in philosophy and understand the fruits of a daily practice.

My passion for anatomy began as a result of working through injuries, pregnancy, and the natural body shifts that occur in the ebb and flow of life. This has allowed me to understand the soft and hard of the practice, where incorporating restorative and therapeutic modalities based on the needs of the student where necessary.  Every now and then I have been known to stop a class in mid cycle to break down down a pose or section of the body to reveal opportunity, create awareness, strengthen, or soften.

My personal practice continues  under the watchful eye of Kate O’Donnell, whose teachers include S.K. Pattabhi Jois,Sharath Jois, and Nancy Gilgoff.



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