About Me & This Blog

Mom, entreprenuer, organizer, ashtangi, wife, householder, adventurer, dancer, snowboarder, ocean lover, gardener….these are my many hats.

I am on a journey out of corporate america to redefine my career and life.  My personal yoga practice is the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and I teach yoga part time.  I am working on the process of becoming an entreprenuer – which is a practice all in itself – especially when you were conditioned in corporate america.

“Practicing” has never really been something I thought about until my yoga practice began to grow.  The inspiration for this blog was just my witnessing the powerful possibilities that come out of devotion, humble discipline, resolve, trying without attachemnent, gaining strength, and managing power.  I am currently using this force    to trust my own abilities in my life (off the mat), as a mom, and practicing entreprenuer (wish me luck!)

Sandra Rossi



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